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Published in Bella Grace Magazine

by kristenwheeler

September 18, 2017

A friend of mine told me about Bella Grace magazine over a year ago. I was walking through Barnes and Noble one day and came across it and fell in love with the imagery and the printing. I submitted to them at least 5 times before I ever heard back anything. Something told me to keep trying and when I read one of my stories of an image I took in Ghana at a presentation I was doing, I thought “hmmm, something about this one…”. That was the last piece I submitted and I heard from the editor two weeks later that it was going to be published in the fall edition of the magazine! It’s one of my favorite images and memories from one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. It’s on newsstands now and you can find it at any major bookstore.


The Man in the Wind

I was so excited to be in Africa again doing what I knew I was supposed to do….capturing life. I came to a small fishing village in Takoradi, Ghana and my hands were shaking with excitement. Everywhere I turned there was a picture to take. The colors, the smells, the smiles, the chatter……I knew you could see it all in one image….snap snap snap. I was turning from the water’s edge where I was enjoying some time with young children who were posing for the camera and climbing all over their families boat when the moment happened. The moment that will be ingrained in my memory and through this image for the rest of my life. I turned every so gently and my instincts said “get ready!” and no sooner did I face the little row of fishing huts than a gust of wind came through, lifted up this fluffy white sheet that was drying on this warm day and with it revealed a man. A man leaning over the edge of his window with his arms propped perfectly and it’s as if he saw right through me. I quickly snapped the picture and the moment faded into obscurity. It happened faster than it took me to describe it to you. And it’s as if he knew I was standing there, he knew my camera was ready and that perfect gust of wind that carried with it the smells of the freshly caught fish and the soft whispers of the warm air that brushed across my face were coming. He knew that I would have a picture and a memory to hold in my heart forever. He smiled through his eyes that day…..and he just knew without a single word or movement or gesture. 




Love, Kristen

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