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September 27, 2017

  “Become the bright light for others, when their world becomes dark” ~Anthony Douglas Williams When I was in Haiti we visited a prison in the city of Jeremie. I’ll be honest, when I first heard of this I was a bit nervous. We were bringing meals and serving them. But when I learned that […]

September 18, 2017


A friend of mine told me about Bella Grace magazine over a year ago. I was walking through Barnes and Noble one day and came across it and fell in love with the imagery and the printing. I submitted to them at least 5 times before I ever heard back anything. Something told me to […]


August 23, 2017

As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate and covet time with my family in Michigan. It is a beautiful state to visit in the summer time. It was 75-80 degrees during the day, and in the 60s at night….perfect. Especially since the heat index in Louisiana was 102 when we left, this […]

August 15, 2017


Hey everyone! I am so excited the new website is up and running as well as a brand new blog! You will see more of my creative writing here, stories about my adventures, pictures, and artwork that I am working on. Thanks so much for visiting! I am up here in Michigan visiting my parents […]



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